Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS)

Duration 10 days

Delegates will receive training in fraud knowledge and the skills required for effective end-to-end management of fraud and the undertaking of investigations to the standards required by civil and criminal courts. 

Course Content:
· Introduction to Fraud 
· Fraud Act and Associated Legislation
· Formal Hearings 
· PACE 1984
· CPIA 1996 (Disclosure of unused material)
· Human Rights & Data Protection
· Anti-Fraud Culture
· Whistleblowing
· Communication & Listening Skills
· Exhibits
· Evidence
· Questioning Skills
· Statement Taking
· PEACE model of interviewing
· Intelligence
· Surveillance
· Case File Management & Prosecution Files
· Witness Interviews
· Suspect Interviews
· Dealing with Legal Advisors

The course is ideal for practitioners in both the public and private sector with counter fraud responsibilities. 

Attendees are likely to be investigators, managers, supervisors, audit staff and HR professionals. 

On successful completion of the course delegates will be awarded the title of ‘Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist’ (ACFS).

The course is accredited by the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board (CFPAB), supported by the University of Northumbria, and attracts 40 level 4 credits at a Higher Education Institution.

Course Dates and Pricing