Case Management Solutions

Together with our partners at Custodian Solutions, Larus Consulting are able to offer a 10% discount to all our clients for their award-winning investigations management platform.

Custodian’s platform or “Investigations Cloud” has the following core components:

Investigation Manager

Powerful investigation, case and incident management software designed to keep you in control.

  • Investigation management providing data, document, and correspondence storage centrally.
  • Clear workflows facilitating collaboration between teams and individuals.
  • Cost budgeting allowing budgets and tracking for all incidents and actions.
  • Task and time management allowing tasks to be assigned to specific people with time scales.
  • Reverse image searching.
  • Dynamic dashboards.
  • Connections.
  • Integral data protection management tools.
  • Digital ‘Pocketbook’

    Evidence Manager

    • Cloud-based evidence management.
    • Track and trace evidence held and recorded in the system.
    • Full system audit trail.
    • Reporting and evidential insights.

    Secure Send

    • Send and receive encrypted files.
    • Manage sent and received files.
    • Automatic sent/received notifications.
    • File download notifications.
    • Time limits and number of downloads can be set.

    Custodian offers three ‘tiers’ of access.  Two of these are subscription-based models called CS-Essential and CS-Professional.  For those wishing to have a more tailored version designed specifically for their operational workflows and needs, then the Enterprise edition is the most appropriate.

    Further details of the various functionality across all these tiers, then please take a look at; however, please remember that if you do want to benefit from the discount available to all Larus Consulting clients or would like to have a demo, then please just contact us so we can arrange this on your behalf.