Counter Fraud Professional Awards Board


Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) Course Details

Accredited Counter Fraud Technician (ACFTech) Course Details

The CFPAB supported by the University of Northumbria seeks to maintain professional standards in the delivery and to formally recognise the successful completion of professional training courses in the field of counter fraud work.

It oversees the delivery of the training courses taking into account the quality and effectiveness of the courses and ensures that courses are conducted so that Higher Education credits can be awarded, and that in particular a recommended credit rating is communicated to the Higher Education Institution.

The CFPAB also seeks to establish and maintain professional standards in the delivery of an ‘Advanced Level’ counter fraud qualification based on an agreed common syllabus, to be delivered by higher education institutions and resulting in an Award at Certificate of Higher Education level.

The CFPAB actively promotes professional training for counter fraud specialists and works with organisations with a common interest in the development of professional training and access to relevant programmes of Higher Education.