All investigations are conducted to the highest standards.

Our experienced investigators will recover evidence in line with the requirements for production in court, thus enabling our clients to be confident in making informed decisions based on the result of enquiries.

All our investigators are qualified, experienced and comply with appropriate legislative and regulatory requirements.

larus consulting investigates fraud and associated offences globally in both the public and private sectors, including the insurance industry and NHS.

Insurance Claims Investigation, including high cost claims, major losses, liability claims, accidents and subrogation cases.

larus consulting specialises in conducting both desktop and fieldwork enquiries, including specialist investigative interviewing on a global basis.

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larus consulting specialise in the investigation of:

All Types of FraudHigh Cost Insurance ClaimsMajor Losses
Liability EnquiriesAccidentsForeign Death Claims
Health InsuranceInternational Health InsuranceTravel Insurance
International InvestigationsPolicyholdersProviders
3rd PartiesSubrogation

What We Do

Case ManagementInvestigate Every AspectRecover Evidence
Interview WitnessesInterview SuspectsExplore 3rd Party Liability
Visit The SceneDesktop EnquiriesFieldwork
Provide Report and Evidential PackagePrevent Losses and Save MoneyData Mining