Private Sector

Whether your business or organisation is small or large, larus consulting provides innovative solutions to safeguard finances, minimise risk, conduct investigations and much more.  

Public Sector

Providing investigative services, training solutions and proactive reviews,  larus consulting works with public sector organisations to minimise fraud, loss, wastage and abuse and to develop staff.

Insurance and Assistance

larus consulting are specialists in countering fraud, abuse, waste and maladministration within the insurance industry, including the niche areas of Private Medical Insurance (PMI), International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) travel insurance and international assistance.

Overseas Clients

larus consulting provides a reliable and flexible service to overseas clients, ensuring that all local legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

Dependent on the needs of the client, larus consulting undertakes projects both overseas and, in the UK, or act as global enquiry agents.

Regulatory Bodies

larus consulting provides investigative and enquiry agent services to regulatory bodies.

All evidential packages are produced to the highest standards for use in hearings and/or court.

Legal Profession

larus consulting has vast experience in working with the legal profession and will provide high quality and timely results.

All activities are undertaken in the strictest confidence and all evidence is to the highest standards, meeting the requirements for criminal, civil or disciplinary proceedings or hearings.